Tuneless Choirs are for those who LOVE singing but lack the ability, practice or confidence to do so.   We know singing in groups brings physical, emotional and social benefits and believe everyone has a right to sing whatever their voice!  So we sing purely for the pleasure of it – with no aim for improvement or pressure to develop.  Only only aim is to feel uplifted!

The first Tuneless Choir started in West Bridgford (Nottingham) in January 2016.  Many people approached us wanting to set up their own, so we have helped people do that and there are now choirs in all the locations show on the map.  Click on it to search for your nearest choir.

Our first new choirs of 2017 launched in Beeston (Nottingham) on Wednesday 11th January, followed closely by Edinburgh on Thursday 12th January.

Tuneless Choir Locations

Contact details for each Tuneless Choir are on their individual pages.  If you need to contact Tuneless Choirs HQ please send an email.