Sutton Coldfield Tuneless Choir

Sutton Coldfield Tuneless Choir launched in May 2016, and regularly has over 100 attendees.  The choir is based at the United Reformed Church, 1 Brassington Avenue, B73 6AA.

“Having been told all my life that I can’t sing I now have the confidence to sing my heart out. I still can’t sing but I really don’t care I have such fun trying!”  Jenny Clarke

Sessions are held weekly every Tuesday from 7.30pm until 9pm during school term times. Spring term starts from Tuesday 9th January, we’ll be singing all the way through until 27th March, no choir on Feb 20th.

“Everyone is so friendly and it doesn’t matter whether you can sing or not. Everyone is just out to have a good time!” Kath Stewart 

Newcomers pay £10 for their first session, including registration with the choir.  The regular price is £7 if you “pay as you go”, or you can pay in advance for a term for the equivalent of £5 per session.

“It’s very uplifting and makes me feel happy. I can sing to my heart’s content without worrying if I’m in tune.”  Heather Willetts

Contact us by emailing or calling Lisa on 07969 436059.

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Sutton Coldfield Tuneless Choir

Lisa Martin & Mel Sharman

Lisa Martin & Mel Sharman

Sutton Coldfield Tuneless Choir Manager and Leader