Beeston Tuneless Choir

Mary Hastings and Becky Cook are taking over the running of Beeston Tuneless Choir, and will be in touch soon with some plans!

In her (almost) sixty years Mary has been an archaeologist, a Probation Officer, a Learning Support Tutor and a full-time Mum. She was very glad to take up the position as Choir Leader with Sherwood Tuneless in June 2019 and enjoyed her time there thoroughly. Unfortunately, COVID and family circumstances meant that Mary had to step down a few months after lockdown.

Mary has been a self-employed singer in care homes, with Beeston Memory Cafe and in Derby Hospitals for the past six years or so. She describes herself as “allergic to choirs” and relates to the “Tuneless” because of feeling unsure when she tries to read music wondering if she’s got the notes in the right order. “I’ve always found it intimidating!” she says.

Taking over at Beeston after Carol and Elizabeth’s brilliant leadership will be a very hard act to follow but Mary wants to give it her best – especially in these difficult and unpredictable times. Having twice suffered serious illness, Mary knows the benefits of singing for FUN as a stress reliever and a tonic. She looks forward to joining in and sharing those benefits with Beeston Tuneless.

Becky is an organisational wizard. After being employed in a variety of businesses, mainly in administration and accounts, Becky had a change of direction and worked with children with special educational needs in secondary school for 14 years. Employed as the administrator at Beeston Memory Café for the past 18 months, Becky also spends much of her time gardening, claiming that cutting the grass is one of life’s greatest pastimes!

“There is always music playing somewhere in our house” says Becky as every member of her household listens to an eclectic mix from many different genres. Before Covid, Becky and her husband would regularly go to live music events and she is looking forward to the Tuneless Choir providing an additional regular opportunity to enjoy shared music.

Contact us by emailing or calling Mary on 07875 700510.

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Beeston Tuneless Choir Members

Mary Hastings and Becky Cook

Mary Hastings and Becky Cook

Beeston Tuneless Choir Leader and Manager
This Tuneless Choir sings like no one is listening in aid of Mind