Bourne Tuneless Choir

We have been broadcasting from the shed since March, and managed to get out for one week  Thursday 29th October 2020 when we had a wonderful fun night singing like no one is listening.  But for the next month , we will be back recording in the shed each Thursday.  You can watch us and sing a long on YouTube until we can get back to singing together again in person, hopefully in December!

Prior to the current Covid 19 restrictions, Bourne Tuneless Choir have been meeting nearly every Wednesday in the beautiful Bourne Abbey Church, Church Walk, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9UQ since launching in October 2016.  But since the end of March 2020, Bourne Tuneless Choir have been broadcasting from The Shed.  To get a taste of Tuneless and join Kenny (choir leader)  and Linda  (Choir Manager), pop onto YouTube or Facebook to see what we have been doing and what we are doing now!

If you aren’t currently a member of Bourne Tuneless Choir and would like to be, please contact us by emailing or calling Linda on 07949 057811.  We would be very happy to hear from you!

The choir is led and managed by Kenny Ring and Linda Gunthorp and is open to all.  There is no audition,  no pressure,  no judgement –  just confidence-boosting fun.  The atmosphere is relaxed, welcoming and supportive and friendships are made and grow naturally and easily.   There is no need to be able to read music, hold a note or remember words.  Songs books are provided.

Like all Tuneless Choirs our motto is ‘singing like no one is listening’ and that is what we do!  Our song book is wide and varied! We hope to be able to welcome you soon, so you can enjoy the wonderful social, emotional and health benefits of singing you heart out, Tuneless style!

Newcomers pay £10 for their first session, including registration with the choir.  The regular price is £8 if you “pay as you go”, or you can pay in advance for a term for the equivalent of £6 per session – so £48 for an 8 week term.

If you have questions contact us by emailing or calling Linda on 07949 057811.

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Bourne Tuneless Choir

Singing at the Scarecrow Festival!

“Just to say thank you for making me feel so welcome at the Tuneless choir in Bourne. Such FUN to sing with the freedom of a child( tuneless and who cares!) It’s great just to SING!”

Linda Gunthorp and Kenny Ring

Linda Gunthorp and Kenny Ring

Manager and Leader of Bourne Tuneless Choir