Cambridge Tuneless Choir launched into song on 12th August 2021.  It is led by Lulu Agate who is on a mission to provide a safe place for people who know they sound like a rusty old gate to enjoy singing, without worrying that they might be spoiling it for anyone else.

Lulu loves singing but was asked to leave a choir when she was 29 because there wasn’t a part for her voice.  She found it very humiliating to be told to learn to sing better or leave. She says “Everyone I’ve told has loved the Tuneless Choir approach and says I’m the right sort of person to run one because I’m a loud and fun and good at encouraging people to have a go at new and fun things.”

Sessions are held weekly on Thursdays from 7.30pm to 9pm, with a short break during which refreshments will be provided. (You are welcome to bring your own too, but please note alcohol isn’t permitted in the venue.)

The usual venue is Downing Place United Reformed Church, CB2 3EL, though this may occasionally change if the church is booked.

Ongoing the “pay as you go” price is £8 per session, with the opportunity to sign up for a term at the equivalent of £6 a session.  Everyone will pay £10 the first time they attend to cover their registration with the choir.

If you have any questions about the choir please email Lulu on or text / call 07708 358927.

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Downing Place United Reformed Church is the corner of Downing Street and Downing Place. Regular Park and Ride buses run every few minutes and stop opposite the Church. Other Stagecoach buses arrive at Emmanuel Street from other parts of Cambridge. The nearest car park is in the Grand Arcade however additional parking can be found on the side streets off Hills Road towards the station. There are cycle racks adjacent to the Church building as well as near the Grand Arcade a few minutes walk from the church. The building is wheelchair accessible.