Gibside Tuneless Choir

We are hoping to set up a Tuneless Choir at National Trust Gibside, which is near Gateshead, NE16 6BG.

The aim is to have the choir meeting every other Saturday, from 6.30pm to 8pm, in the Chapel at Gibside.

Ann ‘Minty’ Nicol who runs Newcastle Tuneless Choir is taking on the task of organising things. She is currently looking for a choir leader – someone musical but tolerant, who can warm up the choir and take them through mainstream songs, sung to backing tracks.

If you would like to lead the choir, please contact Minty by emailing or calling 07852 706521.

If you are interested in joining the choir once it starts, please sign up to our email list below.

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Ann ‘Minty’ Nicol Gibside Tuneless Choir Manager

Ann ‘Minty’ Nicol with husband Peter

(Photo credit: National Trust Images/Tom Carr)