Oldham Tuneless Choir

Oldham Tuneless Choir has found a wonderful leader and is all set to launch on Wednesday 18th September 2019!

Sarah Wheeler is teaming up with manager Gemma Cunliffe.  The pair worked together 13 years ago, at Oldham Crematorium.  This new venture couldn’t be more different.

Like all Tuneless Choirs, the choir is for those who “lack the ability, practice or confidence to sing in tune”.  People from different backgrounds and all ages will be coming together to enjoy the release of endorphins as they sing popular songs in their own unique ways.  No pressure, no judgment, just confidence-boosting fun and a great atmosphere.

Gemma was an enthusiastic member of Beeston Tuneless Choir, near Nottingham.  She’s since returned to her roots in Oldham, and has really missed being part of the choir, which helped her with her grief following the deaths of her partner Paul and her mum.  She needed someone musical to lead the choir, and her appeals were fortunately spotted by Sarah.

Sarah is a full time Mum who started performing in musical theatre when she was just 5 years old!  She wants to share her passion for singing so others can enjoy music.  She says “I would love to have a happy, give it a go, sing at full belt choir who when they leave each session do so with smiles on their faces and songs in their hearts.”

The choir will run fortnightly on a Wednesday.  Tickets for the launch night on 18th September are being sold in advance for £10 a head including cake on this occasion!  Use the link below to book your place:

If you can’t make it on launch night – never fear!  You can join the choir on 3rd October or at another date in the future.  It’s a good idea to sign up for the email list below, in case the date or venue changes. There’s no need to buy tickets for future sessions, and you can just turn up.  It’s £10 for anyone’s first session including registration fee.

Ongoing, it will be £7 per session to attend the choir on an ad hoc basis.  Alternatively once you’ve joined there will be the option of signing up to a full term for the equivalent of £5 a session, so for example a 7 week term will be £35.

If you have any questions about the choir then please don’t hesitate to contact Gemma on oldham@tunelesschoir.com or 07719 046 374.

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Sarah and Gemma outside The Cotton Rooms.

Gemma Cunliffe and Sarah Wheeler

Gemma Cunliffe and Sarah Wheeler

Oldham Tuneless Choir Manager and Leader

Gemma loved been a part of the Beeston Tuneless Choir and said it helped her through some difficult times.