Tickets are now available for our third Tuneless Choir weekend which will run from 8th to 10th February 2019 in Nottingham.

Our main venue for this event is Metronome, a new music venue with its own auditorium.  We have a stage and a bar!  For those who were with us last year, this is just across the road from Antenna, and is run by the same people, so we’ll get the same great food and customer care.  And some great tech!

The weekend runs from 6pm on Friday 8th to 1pm on Sunday 10th.  There are four bits to it – you can come to all for a mere £80 including food and some drinks, if you book before 31st December (after that, £95).  Or you can pick and choose which bits you can come to.  Though you will be missing out if you’re not there for every little bit!


This evening is designed to get everyone mingling and laughing together, so we’re all getting to know each other for the weekend ahead.

When you arrive you’ll receive a Britain’s Got Tuneless Weekend Goody Bag with all the information you’ll need to enjoy the weekend, and a few treats of course!

The ROUND BRITAIN SQUIZ will see you form teams to take part in some “activities” which will involve having to talk to other teams in order to get all the answers.  A Sort of QUIZ but not hugely intellectually challenging… we’re  here to have fun after all!  Rounds like ‘Name That Tune’ played on the giant piano might be repeated from last year.  Others could well include use of the KARAOKE MACHINE which will be available to use and abuse all evening.

LIGHT NIGHT PERFORMANCE  This evening is Nottingham’s Light Night, which sees artistic installations around the city, food and craft stalls, and groups performing.  Just down the road from our venue is the Sneinton Market area – a hub of activity last year.  At about 8.30pm we’ll be able to nip out to perform a few numbers there, before returning to Metronome for the rest of the evening.  (Like all bits of the weekend, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.)

The evening will run from 6-11pm but will be designed to work for those arriving from afar. Pizzas and such like will be served from 7pm over a period of time. Dietary requirements will be catered for. We won’t give any Squiz answers out until about 10.30pm.

Standalone price:  £25


Arrive from 9.30am for a complimentary tea or coffee.   (More can be bought through the day from the bar. Or something stronger. If you need it.)

If you haven’t collected it on Friday, when you arrive you’ll receive a Britain’s Got Tuneless Weekend Goody Bag with all the information you’ll need to enjoy the rest of the weekend, and a few treats of course!

The BIG SING will start at 10am with us all gathered in the auditorium.  We’ll have a few formal introductions and then warm-up, and then sing a few songs en masse, each led by one of our choir leaders.

We’ll then break into three 45 minute SONGSHOPS – singing sessions along a theme.  You’ll be able to attend any combination of three from the five choices:

  • A Right ‘Ole Tuneless Knees Up:  Don’t dilly dally – plenty of room for you at the Tuneless Inn!  Join us for a good old-fashioned sing-song round the old Joanna. Hen-er-y the 8th, Knees up Muvva Brown, the Lambeth Walk – we’ve got ’em all!! Can you Adam and Eve it?
  • The Sound of Tuneless – Singing like Julie Andrews: Back by popular demand, we’ll have fun enunciating crystal-clear diction whilst getting into the character of Mary Poppins and Maria von Trapp.
  • Girl Power – The Music of the Spice Girls:  With the reunion of the Spice Girls announced just recently, what better time to spice up your life with a selection of their greatest hits.  Zigazig-ah!
  • Beatlemania Returns:  Songs from the Fab Four revisiting days when all you needed was love.  We’ll get by with a little help from our Tuneless friends.
  • Tunelessian Rhapsody – Quintessential Queen:  Discover your inner Freddie and reach parts of your voice you never knew you had with some of the best songs in the world!  It’ll be a kind of Tuneless Magic…

Each songshop will have the aim of producing something to perform at the Good Old Days event in the evening!

We’ll break after one of the songshop sessions for a sandwich lunch.   And throughout we’ll have the now-traditional sweetie/fruit table and an Olde Tuneless Shoppe.  Clothing can be preordered ahead of the weekend for free delivery – use postcode NG1 1DY in the delivery address.

The songshops will finish about 2pm, and then those that want to will prepare for the FLASH MOB.  We’ll have some rehearsal and then walk a few minutes into the very heart of Nottingham to perform!  Street licence permitting, we’ll collect for charity.

We’ll aim to finish by 4pm so you have chance to get the glad rags on for the evening!

Standalone price:  £30


Arrive from 7pm, for a complimentary glass of prosecco and to get buying raffle tickets and choosing which prizes you’d like to win!

We’ll enjoy a hot buffet before proceedings commence.

In the GOOD OLD DAYS section we’ll celebrate the British Music Hall tradition hosted by our very own Leonard Sachs.  We’ll sing a few robust songs, and be inviting each choir present to perform a song representing (however tenuously) their area of the country. We’ll have groups from each workshop perform one of the songs they learned.  And in amongst all that we’ll be dishing out Tuneless Awards.  These will go to the choirs with:

  • Most Tuneless Performance (judged by video)
  • Best Turned Out Choir (judged by photo)
  • Best Theme Night Fancy Dress (judged by photos)
  • Most Raised for our official Tuneless Charity Mind in 2018
  • Most Tuneless Sings (number of singers x number of sessions)

After all that we’ll need a bit of dessert, and will draw the raffle prizes!

Then GREAT BRITISH SINGALONG DISCO will commence, your chance to boogie to the best of British whilst singing along to words on screen.

At about 11pm we’ll break for a LAST NIGHT OF THE PROMS FINALE with a bit of Land of Hope and Glory and other anthems.

Like Cinders, we’ll need to vacate the venue by midnight at the latest.

As you might expect, the dress code for the evening is “red, white and/or blue”.

Standalone price:  £35

Sunday:  SINGALONGA MARY POPPINS and if you can stay later, an optional extra GREAT BRITISH SUNDAY LUNCH

Return to the venue at 10.30am as we’ll be starting SINGALONGA MARY POPPINS at 10.45am.  You’ll be furnished with a Prop Bag with items to use at special points in the film!  Bags of popcorn will be available to purchase as well as drinks from the bar.

Standalone price:  £10 for the film

The film will finish at around 1pm, marking the official end of the weekend.  If you would like some sustenance before you travel, Metronome are then offering us a GREAT BRITISH SUNDAY LUNCH for an additional £8.95:

Meat option: Chicken or pork, with gravy
Vegetarian: Nut roast and veggie gravy
…both served with mashed and roast potatoes, vegetables, stuffing and Yorkshire puds.

Excluding the optional Sunday Lunch, the total price for the weekend is £95, but you can get it ALL for just £80 if you book by 31st December!

Prices include entry to the venue, entertainment and food and drinks as listed above.  Not included are accommodation costs, travel to Nottingham, transport costs within Nottingham, additional drinks, and the Great British Sunday Lunch.

The venue is fully wheelchair accessible though to access the stage avoiding steps, it’s necessary to go outside.

Cancellation terms: 90% refund if cancelled on or before Monday 31st December 2018.  45% if cancelled on or before Tuesday 5th February 2019.  No refunds on or after Wednesday 6th February as all food and knick-knacks will have been ordered and paid for! 

Feel free to email Nadine at if you have any questions about the weekend.