Wallingford Tuneless Choir

Wallingford Tuneless Choir launched into song on Thursday 27th July.

We next meet on Thursday 10th August, and then will go on to meet weekly from 8pm until 9.15pm.

You can find us at:   St Mary-le-More, Market Place, Wallingford OX10 0EG.

The aim of all Tuneless Choirs is to allow people to enjoy group singing without the need to worry what they sound like.  We literally are “singing like no one is listening” – it’s incredibly liberating, especially if you’ve ever been told to stop singing.

Join in wholeheartedly and your endorphins will start flowing. These are the brain’s feel-good chemicals, one of the many reasons why singing with others has been shown to increase life satisfaction.

The choir has been set up by Naomi Reddyhoff, a self-confessed tuneless singer who wants an outlet!  Naomi, who was recently made redundant, decided to have a complete change of career & lifestyle.  To do something challenging, exciting, enjoyable and rewarding. A Tuneless Choir of course.

Newcomers pay £10 for their first session which includes registration, but without the benefit of the glass of wine offered on the launch night!    After your first session, the regular price is £7 for ‘pay as you go’ or you can pay in advance for a term for the equivalent of £5 per session.

Contact us by emailing wallingford@tunelesschoir.com or calling Naomi on 07980 291995.

You can also follow our Facebook page:

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