The Tuneless Choir Weekend is an annual gathering of Tuneless Choirs from around the country, which takes place in Nottingham in February each year.

The intention is to cheer up a gloomy time of year with a light-hearted, stress-busting weekend filled with singing like no one is listening and laughter. Members of all Tuneless Choirs are welcome to join in the fun.

Liz from Newcastle said “Last year I went on a cruise down the Danube and a holiday to China, but the Tuneless Weekend was the best!”

The general format for the weekends are:

Friday Evening:  Goody bags. Activities designed to get everyone mingling, so usually some kind of quiz or challenge which involves singing karaoke. Nipping out to perform as part of Nottingham’s Light Night celebrations. Pizza.

Saturday Daytime: A welcome and warm-up session.  Three songshops – our versions of workshops – singing songs from a particular genre or artist or theme.  There’s always a choice. Lunch.  Flash mob rehearsal and then going out to perform!  Free sweetie / fruit table throughout.

Saturday Evening: Party time with a disco or band and meal. Glass of fizz. Prize for best dressed to the theme.  Charity raffle. Tuneless Awards. And cake, Tuneless cake.

Sunday Morning: A singalong film, later in the morning after the night before.  Maybe a Sunday lunch option.

We do also deliberately try not to tell you everything we have planned so you can enjoy some surprises!

In 2020 the Tuneless Weekend will run from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th February.  The theme will be “Planet Tuneless – Shocking All Over the World”.  We’ll get tickets on sale as soon as possible.