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Tuneless fundraising for Mind gets off to a flashy start!

Those attending the Tuneless Choirs United weekend in Nottingham at the start of the month got this year’s fundraising off to a fantastic start.  £600 was raised for our 2018 official cause,  which is Mind, the mental health charity.   Choir members from West Bridgford, Maidenhead, Sutton Coldfield, Bourne, Maidstone, Chesterfield, Cardiff, Solent, Wallingford, Newcastle, […]

Edgbaston Tuneless Choir set to launch on 17th January!

A Tuneless Choir is being set up in Edgbaston for those who can’t sing in tune but love to do it anyway.  Those who join won’t be under any pressure to hit any particular note or improve their singing, so will be able to relax and enjoy themselves no matter how they sound. The Edgbaston […]